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Where is Mellor?

Now on the edge of Stockport in Greater Manchester, Mellor's location is historically important. 

On the south-west and north-west, it is bordered by the two great rivers, Goyt and Etherow, which drain the SW Peak District and join to form the Mersey at the lowest point of Mellor.

On the east, a high ridge overlooks a valley, behind which is Kinder Scout. Three spurs, separated by brooks, project west from the ridge.

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Where is Mellor?


History in Action - Mellor Mill
12 Mar 2019 19:49History in Action - Mellor Mill

Samuel Oldknow was born at Anderton near Bolton in 1756. When in his teens he was apprenticed to an uncle who  [ ... ]

History in Action - Rubbing Tiles
12 Mar 2019 18:42History in Action - Rubbing Tiles

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Installation of the Samuel Oldknow Date stone at M...
16 Feb 2019 20:38Installation of the Samuel Oldknow Date stone at Mellor Mill

Installation of the Samuel Oldknow Date stone at Mellor Mill Background: A piece of oval stonework was buil [ ... ]

Bob Humphrey-Taylor - ‘STORM Gathers over Mellor!...
26 Jan 2019 14:27 Bob Humphrey-Taylor - ‘STORM Gathers over Mellor!’

An acronym was originally just the initial letters of an institution or a project, used as a shorthand by peop [ ... ]


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